Thursday, 6 October 2016

What does Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) Services means?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is a solutions providing category which extend the traditional data center management function include all of the physical assets and resources in IT domains.
DCIM deployments were supposed to integrate IT industry and facility management disciplines to centralize monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of a data center's critical systems. DCIM covers the wide range of data center management values & each deployment will include a subset of the full DCIM value.

DCIM’s some adopted drivers are as follows –

  • Capacity Planning or Management
  • Asset Life cycle Management
  • Data center consolidation and Tech Refresh
  • Up-time and Availability enabler
  • Visualization and cloud computing
  • Energy efficiency or Green IT initiatives
  • Increased reliance on critical IT systems
  • More efficient power and support for heat density cooling

DCIM has most valuable features in high level technology and use in so many purpose. DCIM can support data center availability and reliability requirements and can identify and eliminate sources of risk to increase availability of critical IT systems, it can be used to identify inter dependencies between facility and IT infrastructures and it can assist in modeling the costs structures of building and maintaining the huge accumulation of assets which form the data center, over long periods of time.

Data Center Infrastructure Management manage large data sets and hardware systems in large distributed network. Data center manage the significant amounts of data and the hardware required to store it and distribute it to users.

Data center management plays an important role to protect the large amount of crucial data and keep it securely as to avoid data security breaches. Data centers can be managed remotely and may not even house actual employees.

The largest company such as Telecommunications Company, health Department Company, government organization data, hospitals, insurance company and many more company which has the large amount of data use the data center technology.

The advantages of data center management include cost savings, secure data, and business growth with smooth work systems.

Iron Networks is a DCIM service providing company gives the services in many ways like -

  • Global Integration & Configuration Centers
  • Global Forward & Service Supply Chain Management
  • Global Fulfillment, Logistics & Export Direct
  • Global Field Maintenance & Technical Support Services

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

World’s top 10 largest Data Centers by Size and Capacity

List of World’s top 10 largest Data Centers by Size and Capacity

Data Center - A large group of networked computer servers typically used by organizations for the remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data. 

1- Range International Information Group
Location: Langfang, China
Area: 6,300,000 Sq.Ft.

2- Switch SuperNAP
Location: Nevada, USA
Area: 3,500,000 Sq.Ft.

3- DuPont Fabros Technology
Location: Virginia, USA
Area: 1,600,000 Sq.Ft

4- Utah Data Centre
Location: Utah, USA
Area: 1,500,000 Sq.Ft.

5- Microsoft Data Centre
Location: Iowa, USA
Area: 1,200,000 Sq.Ft

6- Lakeside Technology Centre
Location: Chicago, USA
Area: 1,100,000 Sq.Ft.

7- Tulip Data Centre
Location: Bangalore, India
Area: 1,000,000 Sq.Ft.

8- QTS Metro Data Centre
Location: Atlanta, USA
Area: 990,000 Sq.Ft.

9- Next Generation Data Europe
Location: Wales, Uk
Area: 750,000 Sq.Ft.

10- NAP of the Americas
Location: Miami, USA
Area: 750,000 Sq.Ft.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Data Center Services

Generally, data center services has two main categories:
  • Services provided to a data center, or
  • Services provided from a data center

Data center services incorporate all of the clarification and facility-related components or activities that support the related projects and operation of a data center, which is an environment that provides processing, storage, networking, management and the distribution of data within an enterprise.

Support services for the data center can be generally defined as technical support, which provides assistance to help solve problems related to technology products. Data Center Technical support services help to address challenges with the servers, storage, software and networking equipment that constitute a data center, or the related processes involved in managing data center equipment. Data center support services can also include installing and configuring technical equipment.

Iron Networks is a US based real data center infrastructure services providing company gives the data center integration, supply chain and field support services that help you to succeed.
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